The presentation of the new iPhone is likely to take place in the fall of 2019. We have collected all the information about the future smartphone.

As many bloggers note, the iPhone 2019 is likely to get a triple camera. This is primarily due to the trend that emerged in the mobile industry after the release of the iPhone X in 2017. Huawei, Samsung, and many other smartphone manufacturers are using more and more cameras in their devices and place special emphasis on it, advertising the gadget to potential buyers. 

Another argument in favor of the triple camera theory could be the iPhone XR example. When comparing with the XS and XS Max, it turned out that the XR's single-camera can't always make a high-quality picture in poor lighting. While in the XS the second lens can solve this problem, the XR doesn't have such an assistant. From this, we can conclude that the quality of images really can be improved if the device has more cameras.

The most anticipated thing about the new iPhone is its new form factor. There is a possibility that in 2019 Apple will present a device with a design similar to the one iPhone 5 had. That is, the smartphone can have sharper edges than XS and XR. The gadget's shape can also resemble the new iPad Pro, which, by the way, in 2018 also changed its style, and became more “square”.

Another interesting possible innovation, which can be a pleasant surprise for users, is the support of Apple Pencil in 2019 iPhone. There is already a lot of rumors on the Internet regarding the possible support of stylus. It is still unclear whether Apple is going to take such a risk, given that a separate port for the stylus can make the device significantly heavier. 


One of the most intriguing questions related to the future iPhone is how its display is going to look. It's clear that the "notch" will very soon become history, even though many people seem to like the way it looks.