The official launch of the ECG function for the Apple Watch Series 4 took place just over a month ago, but during this time it has already saved several lives.

It is reported that before Christmas, one of the owners of Apple's smart watch discovered that he had atrial fibrillation, and after that, he rushed to the emergency department.

According to Barry Maiden, initially, he bought the Apple Watch to monitor his health after a traumatic brain injury. His wife agreed with this reasoning, mentioning the function which detects a fall of the device.

When he experienced what he initially considered anxiety about the Christmas plans, Apple Watch Series 4 recorded atrial fibrillation.

After that, Barry double-checked the result using the ECG app and went to the emergency department.

Doctors at the hospital conducted another ECG procedure using professional equipment and confirmed Maiden's developing health problems.

This is one of the latest stories that showcase the Apple Watch health tracking functions, which, according to the owners, saved their lives.