Caviar, a luxury Russian company, introduced the Apple Watch Series 4 for $43 000. One can choose between three options of smart watches with precious gems, which resemble red, black and white caviar.

The most expensive one is the White Caviar model with white diamonds. Its price is $43 000. For comparison, it's the same amount of money you would pay for a one-room apartment in Moscow. To ornament, Caviar used yellow gold and diamonds. 

There is also equally interesting and more affordable version of the Apple Watch Series 4 in black. Here, the type of gold is the same, but white diamonds were replaced with black ones, which allowed the company to reduce the price of this device to $41,390.

The most affordable option, however, is the “red caviar”. At the price of a decent Mercedes-Benz ($37,650), users will get a smart watch with a light and unobtrusive red tint, which was achieved through the use of rubies in the device's design. 

All models of Apple Watch Series 4 with precious gems can be purchased online on the official website of the company.