Financial Times Apple hired a former Facebook employee. Sandy Parakilas is known for his criticism of Facebook. At Apple team, he will be responsible for privacy.

      Parakilas left Facebook in 2012. Prior to that, he had been monitoring the way the developers maintain user privacy for 18 months. According to FT, at the times when he was working at the companyParakilas felt that his concerns about the data exchange policy were underestimated.

      In 2018, after Cambridge Analytica scandalParakilas testified before British Parliament. He spoke about collecting data on Facebook, marking the company was collecting lots of data.

      According to FT sourcesParakilas will work on the Apple privacy team as a product manager.

      In recent years, Apple has paid great attention to privacy. In 2018, Tim Cook called it "a fundamental human right." The company has recently installed a large banner in Las Vegas, where CES takes place, to remind the technology industry of its great attention to privacy issues.