Thus far, the rules and regulations regarding the use of drones differ depending on the jurisdiction of a state. According to the new international standard, from 2019 the operators of drones will have to act in accordance with a set of specific regulations.

      Last month, the Federal Aviation Administration granted permission for operators of certain drones to fly them in controlled airspace in the United States. Similarly, in the UK there is a direct ban on the use of drones within a few kilometers from the airports.

      Today, November 27, it became known that the International Standards Organisation (ISO) has released the first draft of global standards for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

      The project offers no-fly zones around airports and other restricted areas, as well as geo-protective measures to drive drones away from dangerous places. The standards also require that drone operators respect the privacy of others. In addition, the document provides for special requirements for flight control training, drone maintenance, and data protection rules.

      Public hearings on drone control standards are open until January 21, and are likely to be adopted in 2019.