2018 was supposed to be a remarkable year for Google. It celebrated the 20th anniversary of the company, the 10th anniversary of Android, and the 10th anniversary of Chrome. But this year, the "search giant" showed a number of its negative sides which include neglect of private life, issues with products and the treatment of employees and contractors.

It seems like in 2018 many people lost their trust in Google. And you get the impression that this erosion occurs from within. There are certain signs coming from Google employees which demonstrate that they are losing their confidence in the company.

Google tackles so many different things at the same time and faces so many problems that it's hard to know where to start. Let's begin with Dragonfly. Employees of the browser thoroughly understand that in certain situations it is necessary to argue with the executive management. And despite the claims that there are no plans to launch Dragonfly right now, the project still doesn't seem completely rejected.

We should also remember about the company's decision to close down Google+ because of the long-term security gaps that provided third-party developers with access to private data. Google decided to avoid mentioning this flaw until an article from the Wall Street Journal forced them to do it.

Другим моментом стало открытие Google Duplex. It's a great opportunity to show all the advantages of AI. It can book a table for you in a restaurant or make an appointment for a haircut. However, in order to make people believe in this technology, Google had to work hard and make some changes to it. Now, Duplex will introduce itself as a machine, so that the interlocutor knows exactly who he is talking to.

Here's another important social group that doesn't really trust Google: European Union. The company paid a $ 5 billion fine for putting its own apps on Android phones.

The hardware component is not so bad: The Pixel turned out to be great this year (although there were too many bugs and leaks at launch), the Google Home Hub works perfectly fine, just like the Pixel Slate.

The company has also slightly improved its work with the way it presents the news. Until now, Google has not been a noticeable source of misinformation or a hotbed of anxiety.

The indignation of citizens is growing significantly (it's enough to look at Facebook) and next year Google will do everything to secure its reputation from this danger.