Angela Ahrendts made the uncommon way in the technology world. She quickly became one of Apple’s most formidable and well-paid executives. She joined Apple in 2014 as SVP in charge of online retail.

        In 2014, Apple surprised the representatives of the IT industry by hiring a former Burberry CEO. Four years after she joined AppleAhrendts’s salary became almost twice as high as that of Tim Cook. She is also the only female vice president of Apple.

        Ahrendts grew up in a small town of New Palestine, Indiana. According to the 2010 census, the population of New Palestine was 2,055 people. She was one of six children in her family. She used to play tennis and volleyball in high school. 

        In 1981, Ahrendts completed her bachelor's degree in marketing and merchandising at Indiana's Ball State University and moved to New York the following day. She began working in menswear sales. She then became a merchandiser at Warnaco, and beginning with the end of the '80s she joined the Donna Karan International at the position of a president and occupied the office for six years.

        In the mid-90s, Ahrendts went on to work for Henri Bendel. Her main task was opening the stores on 50 new markets. However, the management of the company eventually closed the project.

        In 1998, Ahrendts joined Liz Claiborne. She worked there for eight years and reached the position of vice president.

        Angela Ahrendts became the CEO of Burberry in 2006 and immediately began reorienting the company. She shut down the production of 35 product categories, launched new production linesupdated the technology department and began to master e-commerce.

        When Ahrendts took charge of Burberry, she moved her family to the UK. Instead of living in a London townhouse, the family chose the estate of just over 1000 m², which included a tennis court and a swimming pool. 

        Ahrendts met her husband in elementary school, they've been together for 40 years. The couple had a 17-year long distance relationship when Ahrendts moved to New York. In the endGregg moved to New York, and they got married when they were over 30 years old.

        After moving to New YorkGregg started a business but abandoned it when Ahrendts became the CEO of Burberry and moved to London.
Gregg and Angela have three children. Their son Jennings is an aspiring musician. The couple also has two daughters - Sommer and Angelina. The family is a great value to Ahrendts. She once refused to attend an Oscar ceremony to spend more time at home.

        Ahrendts wakes up at 4:35 every day, but does not use the alarm clock. She is also a lover of diet coke. In an interviewAhrendts admitted she drank five or six cans per day.

        In 2013, Ahrendts became the highest-paid CEO in the UK with an income of $26.3 million. The company presented her an 80% discount and more than 33 thousand dollars on the brand's clothes. Despite the fact that she no longer works in Burberry, she still wears the clothes of this brand.

        In 2014, Ahrendts became an honorary dame commander of the British Empire. She received this title for "an outstanding contribution to British business". During Ahrendtswork in Burberry, the company's share price has grown more than trice.
In April 2014, she moved to Apple and took over as vice president of retail and online commerce. Apple executives commissioned her to develop its stores and improve the employee morale.

        Ahrendts was a fan of Apple before moving to the company. In one of her interviews to The WSJ in times of her Burberry leadershipshe noted that if she looked at any company as a model, this was Apple. According to her wordsApple was a brilliant design company working on lifestyle creation, and that’s exactly how she saw Burberry.
She is now the highest-ranking employee at Apple. In 2017, she earned $24.2 million. This is twice the income of Apple CEO Tim Cook.