Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei will reportedly sue the US government for banning its telecom products from federal agencies.

According to an anonymous source, Huawei should file its lawsuit this week in the Eastern District of Texas, where the company has its headquarters. This way, Huawei wants to draw attention to the case and try to win the campaign of federal agencies against them.

Over the past year, the US has increased pressure on Huawei, resulting in AT&T and Verizon refused to sell the company's devices. The Chinese company was repeatedly suspected of cooperating with the Beijing authorities, surveillance and destruction of communication networks. Due to this, many American officials called on other governments to ban the use of Huawei products in their countries. Also earlier this year, the U.S. Department of Justice opened a criminal case against the financial Director of the company.

Huawei executives have already denounced US policy and launched new marketing programs to improve their image in the eyes of consumers.