In September of this year, the public was presented with the smartphones from the latest Apple line. It is composed of three devices: the flagship iPhones Xs and Xs Max, and the budget iPhone Xr. The smartphones have not gained proper recognition among the audience for several reasons. Like any gadgets, the new Apple devices aren't free from flaws, but what changes would users like to see in the iPhone of 2019? MacWorld journalists have compiled a list of the most anticipated innovations in the Apple smartphones in the year 2019.

      Among the most standard requests in the mould of improving the processor and the camera were some really interesting options. Some asked to make the next iPhone generation phones thicker. “Add to the thickness of the iPhone for just a millimeter!" - such as the common appeal. It won't essentially affect anything, instead a few or so problems will be easily solved.

      One of the main design flaws is considered by many to be a camera sticking out above the case. Users are convinced that such a decision is simply repellent; the whole design can be spoiled with just a small detail.

      It would also be a very sound decision to change the Lightning port to USB Type-C. This would be very rational in terms of convenience. If so, we will finally get rid of a bunch of different cables for charging produced by the same manufacturer.

      And the main request remains longer battery life of the iPhone, even if it entails some negative changes in the design. Guy Kawasaki, who in the past was one of the leading Apple marketing experts, adheres to the opinion.

      Kawasaki is confident: if Tim Cook's team still decides to increase the volume of the battery for the iPhone, it will be a real breakthrough. Even if the weight and size of the device increase, the audience will definitely appreciate such a sacrifice and will buy smartphones much more actively.

      “If Apple introduced a phone that had double the battery life but was also thicker I'd be buying it tomorrow. You have to charge your phone at least twice a day and God forbid you ever forget to do that.

Maybe Tim Cook has a concierge that charges his phone for him.