Analysts from the advertising company Criteo held a speech in which they indignantly stated that Apple very much hinders the development of targeted advertising. If you believe the report from Criteo, then the updated standard for apple devices Safari browser significantly harmed the company's business.

Criteo is engaged in analyzing the interests of the audience and transmits data relevant to the society of goods to advertisers. The company's goal is to find out what users are interested in when surfing the Internet and what they pay more attention to.

Naturally, in such a case, nowhere without hidden surveillance and analysis using cookies files. Keywords, queries, history of visiting sites, everything is tracked and stored in the Criteo database and similar companies that are racing for the sale of information.

In September of this year, Apple released an update to the standard Safari browser, which did not bring any cosmetic changes, but it introduced a utility that did not allow sites to track user behavior.

The result of the innovation was a sharp drop in Criteo shares as much as 26%, which is a very big decline, and so did other companies of this kind.

The browser Safari falls around 4% of desktop and 29% of mobile traffic. While advertisers complain about this behavior from Apple, the Cupertino players continue to work hard for the people.