This weekend Apple shared three new videos about iPhone. From the videos, we learn about the benefits of Face ID, iOS 12, and also about how Apple recycles smartphones.

The one about Face ID elaborates on privacy when using facial recognition software. The company assures that Face ID does not store a photo of the user's face on the iPhone, but only uses its mathematical representation.

In the second video, Apple shows that thanks to large-scale improvements in performance and stability of the operating system, which is currently installed on 80% of all iPhones, iOS 12 makes older iPhone models faster.

Finally, the company spoke about recycling smartphones. The following message appears in the video: "Apple recycles your smartphone even if it's not an iPhone". Representatives of the company explain that by recycling old gadgets, you get the necessary materials for further production without using Earth resources.


To summarize the "There's More to iPhone" advertising campaign, we should say that iPhone is more than just a device in your hand.

It consists of every decision we make — from energy efficiency and careful protection of your data, to how responsibly we process its smallest components.