The Institute of Structural Engineers in the UK has announced the winners of the Structural Awards 2018. Steve Jobs Theater was awarded for its "structural artistry'. The award is given in the case when unique edifices are made of out of ordinary objects.

      The fact that this is a unique building unlike any other was decisive when choosing the winner. The judges were particularly impressed with how Apple engineers hid the wires and pipes between the building and the roof.

      This object is the largest glass structure in the world. It is equipped with a 47-meter carbon fiber roof, which is also the largest of its kind. The building consists of 44 glass panels, which were assembled on site before they were lifted altogether. 

      Steve Jobs Theater was designed in such a way that the piping, security system and audio system needed on the roof are placed in the 30 mm connections between the glass panels. Since Cupertino is located in a seismic zone, several earthquake safety systems were used to protect materials.

      According to the jury, the close relationship between Apple and the Eckersley O'Callaghan & Arup design office has made it possible to achieve success in the technology of making structural glass.