The newest flagship of Apple iPhone X was attractive not only for heavy users of apple products, but also managed to lure Android users. Analytical company Morgan Stanley announced that the iPhone X took tops of the flagships in many countries around the world. Based on the data of analysts, iPhone X stimulates the updating of users of older iPhone models, and moreover, very positively influenced the luring of the Android audience. Most of these trends are visible in the Chinese market, which for Apple is of extremely high importance and priority.

Analyst Morgan Stanley Cathy Huberty announced, the integration of the iPhone X is very fast. Despite the already achieved success, analysts note the possibility of even greater growth, in particular, this is due to the upcoming New Year holidays.

Perhaps the most pleasant fact for Apple is the increase in the number of defectors from Android. In early October, the percentage was 6.7% of iPhone buyers, who before buying apple products owned smartphones Android, now this figure is 9.2%. This means that users of Android-smartphones were impressed by the iPhone X and decided to abandon their previous smartphones in favor of the new Apple.