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We get it, you’re upgrading your company lines, and you have all sorts of different iPhone models to sell in bulk. If you are wondering if we can buy the 10,000 iPhones you have for sale, the answer is yes!
Otherwise, if you just want to ship what you have, and have us create a spreadsheet with offers, we are more than happy to do so!
If you do not agree with a quote, we will ship the devices back – free of charge.
If you aren’t sure about the process, and want to learn a bit more before calling, here is more information about our IT Asset Recovery program.

workflow How it works
Information Complete the information below. We’ll follow up and provide a quote.
Send devices We ship you a box. You send your devices to us free of charge.
Get paid You get paid.
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We give new life to used devices and recycle responsibly

We strive to keep the chemicals in phones out of the environment to provide a greener planet for future generations by finding your used device a loving new home.

How We Determine Our Offers

Our experts inspect your device to provide an accurate payment amount. Here's a short video to give you an inside look at how we determine our offers.

The first mobile phones that appeared had large dimensions and only one main function - making calls, but they still managed to become the beginning of something bigger. For 20 years, a variety of models have been produced: monoblocks, clamshells, sliders, communicators, camera phones. 

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Cash on delivery is a method that enables you to pay once your phones arrive. With this method of payment, the shipping carrier collects a money order from you upon delivery. COD enables you to manage your cash flows more tightly, since you do not have to float cash in between the time your order is placed and when it arrives at your facility. However, many large suppliers do not accept COD as there is a fraud risk in the event that the purchaser uses a fake money order. Only suppliers that are confident in their abilities to vet potential risky customers are equipped to offer this option.

If you have a large credit line, you may want to negotiate the ability to pay via credit card. Some of the larger mobile wholesalers accept credit card payments from major companies like American Express, Mastercard, and Visa. Like COD, credit card is a good option if you’re looking for a way to manage cash flow. With a credit card, you typically have 30 days to pay, which enables even more flexibility than COD.


The Best Price to Sell your IPhone

On our online platform, we offer the best price to sell your iPhone for cash. Our customers may see all options on the site that our company sells or buys and if your iPhone for sell online for cash matches our list of phones then it can be easily estimated and disposed of after our customers apply for it. You may find here any type of the iPhone on sell for cash with a different amount of memory, with all existing carriers, and in various conditions that can be either fair, good, or flawless. 

As compared to the other platforms you can sell your iPhone online for cash easily with us since you don't have to wait until it will be bought:

  • under the estimated price Yountel buys it from you for cash in the very beginning;
  • tests it for any malfunctions;
  • repairs and refurbishes it if needed;
  • offers the best price to sell your iPhone online on its own account and not on your behalf.
selling Final Thoughts on Payment Options for Used Phones

The mobile resale market is a unique industry where the risk burden is primarily placed on the buyer due to the “wire in advance” policy of most suppliers. Buyers are tasked with coming up with payment on-demand while also taking on the risk associated with poor-quality products. This is why working with a trustworthy distributor with a policy of transparency and a reputation for quality is so vital. The thin margins in the wholesale cell phone industry mean that pouring capital into what turns out to be a “bad batch” can be difficult or impossible to recover from. This is especially true if you’re counting on revenue from the sale of one batch of devices to cover your next replenishment order.

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