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Frequently asked question about selling iPhone 7

What to do before selling iPhone?
To prepare your device for sale you need to:
  1. Unbind your Watch or AirPods from it, if you have ones.
  2. Backup the data stored in your device to the Cloud or your PC.
  3. Sign out from your user accounts in all of the apps on the device.
  4. Turn off the "Find my iPhone" feature.
  5. Clean your device of all the data and settings stored.
  6. Unregister the device from your list of trusted devices.
  7. Deactivate your iPhone (CDMA network) - or Remove the SIM if you're on GSM.
  8. You could Unlock your device, but that's a tad bit difficult to do.
How to Wipe iPhone to sell?
To completely Wipe an iPhone you have to:
  1. Open the general settings of your device.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and tap on the "Reset" button.
  3. Tap on the "Erase all content and settings" option.
  4. Choose "Erase Now".
  5. Type in your Passcode to apply your choice.
  6. Type in your ID password to turn off the activation lock and "Find my iPhone" feature.
Can I sell Locked or Blacklisted iPhone?
Unfortunately, No. You can't sell a Locked or Blacklisted iPhone to us. If you want to sell us an iPhone that you "found" - we can't help you, because that is illegal.
Can I sell Cracked iPhone?
Yes, you can sell your Cracked iPhone. Just make sure that you've stated the condition of your device correctly.
Why choose Yountel?
Simple. Really. Because this is the best place to sell your iPhone. Here's a few reasons:
  • We offer nearly the best prices for your devices, no matter the condition.
  • We offer Fast & Free delivery services.
  • We offer the best iPhone Selling and Trade-In for Cash services.
  • We offer Safety & Simplicity of the Selling process.
How the selling works?
The selling process of iPhone 7 works like this:
  1. You choose what device to sell, and it's model.
  2. You specify the information about your device and it's condition.
  3. You calculate the cost. If you're fine with it - Fill in the form to "Get Paid"
  4. You wait for the feedback from us. No more that 48 hours.
  5. You ship your device to our office - We check it.
  6. If everithing's fine - you get your payment in 72 hours from the moment we received the shipment
How do I know my device model?
To find out which model of the device you have - Just check for it in the "General settings" of the device. If the device doesn't turn on - you can look for the specifics on the original packaging, or via iTunes.
How will i receive the payment for my device?
You can receive your payment via Paypal or bank cheque. Also we work with Amazon and other certificates, so you can choose that.
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SELL iPhone 7

How to Sell an IPhone 7 for the Best Price

An iPhone 7 is a smartphone that belongs to the 10th generation of the iPhone. This model was first represented in San Francisco. When you want to sell your iPhone 7 please remember it used to be a flagship device before iPhone 8 appeared. The iPhone 7 for sell online appeared all over the world in autumn 2016. Both iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 look very much the same in all-round design. The main changes made were several new colors to choose from, such as matte black and jet black. 


Also the resistance against water and dust, renewed capacity abilities, and the new controversial removal of the 3.5 mm phone connector mostly known as a jack plug. The iPhone 7 hardware was upgraded in certain ways, that is a heterogeneous quad-core system-on-chip with enhanced system and graphics performance and 12-megapixel rare facing cameras with optical image stabilization. 

Where to Sell Used IPhone 7 Online for Cash

If you are looking for the best website where you may buy or sell used iPhone 7 even if it is broken then Yountel is the very same of all others. In the year 2007 iPhones began to be well known among a wide range of different smartphones. There were certain distinctive features that made it different from other models of phones such as:

  • comprehensive interface;
  • modern design;
  • functional features.

Actually, many details make this smartphone outstanding in comparison with the other gadgets that online and offline shops sell. An issue of security is what makes it a preferable option if you have to choose. Facial recognition and fingerprint sensors are the locks, which ensure the security of any data disposed within your iPhone 7. IOS system used by iMac, iPad, and MacBook allows you to synchronize them between themselves and your iPhone 7.


Sell your broken iPhone 7 online for cash with Yountel – the best and reliable supported platform for buying and selling of old iPhone 7. There could be many reasons to buy or sell your iPhone 7. Some of us after a while stop being content with an amount of memory when one's phone starts to be congested with data, some prefer an immaculate appearance when any scratch on a screen becomes annoying or it just becomes outdated and one begins to look for a newer model that meets one’s requirements. From year to year, we may see the appearance of new versions of iPhones that become more and more expensive. Our site is the place where you can sell used iPhone 7 for cash even if it’s broken or find various options of old iPhones 7 for selling, which still remain to be of high quality even though they are not new.

How to Sell Used IPhone 7 for Cash Easily

Our technicians elaborately check, fix, refurbish and test old or broken iPhones 7 to sell after which an accurate estimation is performed so that the final price could reflect the condition of an iPhone. We welcome everyone to sell a broken iPhone 7 at our website: your device will obtain the chance for a second life after being refurbished by our masters and any future happy buyer will be able to purchase it at a viable price without taking a loan with an interest at a bank. In this case, an iPhone 7 becomes affordable and still remains of the same high quality as a new one.


Since some iPhones 7 for selling can be within a blacklist or claimed to be stolen or lost the procedure of verification is mandatory. By doing all this our team aims to achieve a noble goal – making our planet free from electronic waste all over the world. And we will succeed in it since our trust is rock-solid and our staff members are true professionals rallied together for one purpose.

Benefits of Selling an Old IPhone 7 for Cash via Yountel

The best price to sell old iPhones 7 for cash you may find only at our site. Old iPhone 7 for selling among other options is also presented on the list of smartphones that are meant to be sold or bought on the website, and little wonder since this is one of the most popular models of iPhones. All used old iPhones 7 that can be found on this website for selling for cash have different carriers and are in various conditions from fair to flawless, but there are no broken ones. 

Sell your old, broken, or used iPhone 7 at our platform for cash. Why here? Because from the very beginning it will be:

  • scanned and tested for any defects and glitches;
  • refurbished in the case of need;
  • and according to the estimated price it will be bought from you.

And only then it is set at this site for selling iPhones 7 for the rest of the buyers who are willing to purchase a used, but not broken device for the best price.


Please keep in mind that when you decide to sell an old iPhone 7 online at this website you will not just save but also will contribute to the decontamination of our Earth from electronic waste all over the world. So, if you want to sell your broken or simply old electronic device online for cash, you are on the right route. Sell your used smartphone with Yountel and get all the benefits from this cooperation.