SELL iPhone X

How to sell your faulty iPhone X?

To sell your phone you need to take a few actions. First step is to backup the data what is in your phone at this time to the new one, or remove it. Secondly - you must to remove your personal information from the current phone. As a last step - call us, we shall advise you on how to send your device in.

How much is your iPhone X worth?

To find out you need to choose criterias of your current iPhone. These are: Carrier, storage and Condition , also please indicate if the phone is Functional and Lightable. After that Push "Calculate the cost" key and then you will see the value to SELL iPhone X.

Will the condition of your iPhone X affect the price?

Yes, if the phone is used the pricing will go down. However, we have to tell you that we, at Yountel offer the best price on selling iPhone X. The sum of money you obtain largely depends on storage and condition of the device. So, to summarize you don`t need to renovate your device. before selling it.


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Does the device power on?
Is the device fully functional and all parts of the screen light up correctly?
Are the front and back free of cracks?

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